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Today marks the first anniversary of my "new" job at, a SaaS (i.e cloud based) software company that provides a product for member based organizations. This means it is also the first anniversary of my departing from the world of intranets.'s product actually aligns quite well to intranet themes but I really miss the business side of managing intranets....

Happy Anniversary!

10 Steps to a Social Intranet

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Another great presentation by the guys over at Prescient Digital Media. You can watch the video here or review the slides below:

Perks for your small or zero intranet budget

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Great article on "Why having no intranet budget can be a great thing". 

These are my pros and cons for not having an intranet budget...

- easy to change technologies due to no monetary investments (just time)
- open source software is your friend!
- writing you own applications is more flexible and often faster that setting up high dollar software/hardware solutions

- having to plead for a thousand dollars to buy a charting control for a project
- no training or conferences other that blogs, whitepapers, and free webinars
- no budget usually means no help...being a team of one can be a bummer some times

User Experience: FAIL!!

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As seen on a recent Adaptive Path post:

OK.  I get most of it but what are the two before "Don't Feed the Squirrels"?

Design Patterns for Social Experience


Yes...I has been a long time since I have posted anything in this space. Let me just start out saying that I have been really busy! I am still the sole intranet resource for my company (of 4500 employees) and I am doing the job of 2 or 3.

That being said, I have been working on revamping our "People Finder" application and finally adding some more social features such as two way connections, status updates, and activity feeds.

I have been doing quite a bit of research and found this really great article on Human 2.0 titled Design Patterns for Social Experience.

This really spoke to me: experience design is about the interaction between people rather than the interface between the human and the computer – and that while you can fairly well control one person’s experience with a system, you cannot predict or control how people will choose to interact with each other.

As such, when you design a social experience, all you can really do is provide a framework. You can set the basic rules and capabilities, but the participants will finish the design for you.

Even though this article is about as old as my last post, I think it is worth a read for any intranet manager working on social projects.

What makes a successful intranet manager?

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Just found a very interesting podcast on what makes a successful intranet manager of Catherine Grenfell by Jane McConnell of Globally Local. Check it out here:

Don’t miss the boat!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009 0 comments


The annual “Global Intranet Trends” survey closes in just a few days (10 to be exact). 

If you run an intranet make sure you take the survey!  Oh, and by the way for doing the survey (took me less than an hour) you will be send a free copy of the 2009 report!!

So don’t miss the boat!

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